More from The War Of Art

I've finally finished this book and it was good. Here are some previously posted excerpts and a couple new.

1. Steven Pressfield on resistance

2. The artist and the fundamentalist

3. "The professional learns to recognize envy-driven criticism and to take it for what it is: the supreme compliment. The critic hates most that which he would have done himself if he had had the guts.

4. "We humans seem to have been wired by our evolutionary past to function most comfortably in a tribe of twenty to, say, eight hundred. We can push it maybe to a few thousand, even to five figures. But at some point it maxes out. Our brains can't file that many faces. We thrash around, flashing our badges of status (Hey how do you like my Lincoln Navigator?) and wondering why nobody gives a shit."

5. "It's better to be in the arena, getting stomped by the bull, than to be up in the stands or out in the parking lot."

- Steven Pressfield (War of Art, 2003)