Complaint Letter to a Scamming Fireplace Co.

August 9, 2009
John ******/ ********Fireplace & Chimney

John ******:
As clearly stated at the end of your visit when you tried to charge $100, I allowed you to enter my house and discuss fireplaces only because I was told it would be a free estimate. The first question I asked upon entering your store on 7/27/09 was “do you give free estimates?” Your worker said “yes” then scheduled an appointment for 8/04/09.
No fee, bill, or charge was mentioned, referenced, or shown during this visit to your store or before your appointment. It was only after you had discussed options that you tried to charge me $100, then came back showing me a bill I had never seen for $239 which you said was what your salesperson had planned on charging me. Now you send me a bill in the mail for $140.
Regardless of the amount or value, of which I will not bother to complain about here, I am not responsible for charges because of terms discussed during scheduling and your failure to mention fees at any time before or during your visit. Since this is my only experience with you, I am unsure if your company’s behavior is intentionally deception and criminal intentioned or just sloppy and unprofessional. Now that I have researched previous complaints against you by the BBB and read online reviews about your company, I suspect it is the former.
Unless appropriate, and timely resolution of billing and charges are sent I will be using outside help for resolution and contacting the TN Dept of Consumer Affairs and the BBB so others are not scammed or misled. I will leave reviews on any applicable company search engine or business finder regarding your company’s treatment of this situation. I will also be contacting the CSIA (Mark McSweeney) and the NFI in case they have an ethics policy regarding renewal of your licensing.
Your salesperson either intentionally or unprofessionally leading me to believe your estimate would be free and your handling of this situation, changing bill amounts, and persisting with charges even after you have learned the situation are counterproductive to the success of your business and are grossly unacceptable.
Tyler Samien
(Copy if bill enclosed)

So I'm being nice, hoping to save myself a hassle. I withheld most of my scathing criticism regarding their incompetence and uselessness. I won't post the name of the company, but they had better send me a canceled bill or I will unleash the beast.