Dear Jon Stewart, your younger brother traumatized me…

Dear Jon Stewart:

This letter is more a written confession than typical correspondence for I have done you wrong. I have questioned your supreme leadership of Comedy Central news satire.
Let me explain.
For some time people have been annoyed by my repeated mention of Did you know Jon Stewart went to my high-school? or Did you know we bought a house off Jon Stewart’s parent/step-parent? “Yes, yes, you said that already,” they would intone, “now let me watch the show”. But it is true! I remember your younger step-brother’s video game addiction. I remember him playing Splatter House and being shocked at the sight of countless bloodied heads flying to the horizon, wacked from their necks by the hero’s baseball bat. It was crazy. Despite now having an immobilizing fear of baseball, I think I’m about over it and have managed to keep from mimicking this behavior. [Read the rest here]
Help get Jon Stewart a holiday!!