Banana Flavored Giant Orange Peanuts

I haven't been posting my writing lately because I haven't been doing much of it. Here however is something I wrote for/about Lindsay and her disturbing taste for a certain type of...

Banana Flavored Giant Orange Peanuts
by a.b. samien

She likes nasty sweets, circus peanuts, but
I let that slide because of the way
I feel here in the audience, sitting. Her hand
rests on my knee, her fingers
brush epidermis stretched over patella and
whatever else. I do not know the words.

I choose not to imagine her orange stained tongue,
teeth grinding rubbery plastic,
lips parting to accept that horrible candy
in the same way I ignore thoughts of
her past lovers.

Her fingers still rest on my pant leg and
the details of the room somewhere
else with the words from the voices
on stage that now, no longer mean…
For I mean only to take her outside,
to wrap my arms around her,
nasty circus peanuts and all,
for as long as she’ll let me.