Michal Gregg art write-up (rough)

Recent write up for M. Gregg--

From inside a car on Main Street, downtown Johnson City, it's hard to miss the deer-headed mannequin in the display window of Nelson Fine Art. The one-armed manniquin wears a black and red striped knee high sock and black leather studded belt. Sharp-toothed aliens and nude cutouts adorn the white canvas-like torso which is topped by nothing less than a full antlered trophy deer head. This is the art of Michael Gregg who creates using things he finds-- comic strips, newspaper clippings, doll parts, animal parts, and parts from a broken machine purchased at a flea market.

Gregg's art doesn't shy from including what is frequently hidden or discarded. His work has been denied and censored at multiple shows and festivals, When talking about a recent censorship issue at Art On The Lake Festival in Alabama involving nudity in his art Gregg shrugs," what do you expect in the bible belt? Some guy a few booths down writing on wooden crosses with a sharpie had more visitors than I did." Gregg grew up in Chucky, TN, he's used to the occasional angry glance or uncomfortable response. With no art degree or formal training, he uses this to his advantage.

Offensive? Potentially. Controversial? It appears he's working on it. Decide for yourself. Gregg's art is currently on display at Nelson Fine Art Gallery in Johnson CIty, On the Verge Gallery in downtown Greeneville, and on