Opinion: Truth and Lies are not opposites

Dividing truth and lie into opposite categories simplifies things, but it encourages us to miss the bigger reality. Think about it, the two aren't opposites at all. Truth is discovered while lies are created. Once a lie is created, its existence becomes part of the truth (that which is). There are not multiple truths but multiple perspectives and opinions on what is true. There can be many lies. Truth can rarely be perfectly ascertained while a lie is as simple as its creator. Truth is overarching and factual like a tree or a rock or the existence of a lie. Truth is a concept of the way things are while a lies are just one of the many things that are part of the truth.

Our language and perspectives are rife with similarly flawed categories and divisions that are harmful to our intellect and understanding. Some of these misconceptions are large and contribute to religious systems and social movements. They allow for the persuasion and conviction of the unaware or incapable. The smaller errors are built upon and infect the whole.

This situation we're in as a collective reminds me of a long-term relationship gone bad. After so many years of small behaviors and habits leading away from the necessary path, the members are left wandering. It would often take another lifetime of reflection and contemplation to backtrack and correct. Usually a couple must choose between brushing over the issues or starting over again elsewhere.

Love and hate are similar. They're on opposite sides of the feel good scale, they're also strong emotions that involve being consumed with the subject, but apathy is a more appropriate opposite to love.