Excerpts: The 55 Concepts by Michael Cavallaro

Found this book at my mom's on a recent visit to PA. I disagree with Cavallaro's use of the word "real" when he writes "emotions aren't real" since they certainly exist and have meaning to the individuals experiencing them, but I like his overall point about caring and belief systems.

The 55 Concepts: A Guide to Conscious Living by Michael Cavallaro

Emotions are not feelings, but we do feel our emotions --  Some people have lived their entire lives believing that their emotions are real; most believe they are something innate that they are born with as humans. Many believe that being unemotional is something inhuman or cold and uncaring. But that fact is that emotions are not real!

Feeling puts you touch with you heart. Feeling puts your intellect in touch with your intuition. Feeling is the only way to know what is in your heart or innermost being that needs to be resolved. Learning to feel is different than thinking what you feel. Thinking your feelings avoids that which you do not wish to feel and allows you to believe you are in control.

Emotions are reactions or responses to belief systems. Your beliefs unconsciously tell you something is happy, sad, depressing or joyful. If emotions were real, then everyone would feel the same about everything. For example, there are places in the world where death is celebrated and places where it is mourned. There are places where eating a dog or cat is normal and others where it is horrible.There are places where you can eat cow and others where you would be offending God to do so.

Although you experience emotions as real, they are only real to you. This is not to say that thay are good or bad, only that you create them at some point in your life and believe them to be absolute. Therefore, if you do not like your beliefs, change them and you will feel and experience your emotions differently.