The importance of belief

As people, our actions are most often no more than responses to our beliefs. Consider how differently you would act if you believed differently, if you believed everyone around was a robot set on your destruction or you were allergic to plastic. We feel as though we choose our actions, yet very few of us act counter to what we believe. Likewise, emotions are dependent on belief. If you believed, for example, that god chose to kill people as a reward and that mourning their death was wrong, you would hardly feel sad when a friend died and might even wish for such things.

For this reason, guarding and honestly defining belief is one of the most important tasks we undertake. Governments, religions, corporations, and others will fight to control this belief but we are born with the tools to sort through the information.

What do you believe and why do you believe it? Anyone who lives their entire life under the beliefs they were handed as a child without questioning is forfeiting what makes them human.

Start at the beginning. You're born with a brain that interprets the world around you. You think. What else do you really know for sure and why? If you decide to accept something on faith, why are you doing so? Through the internet and inexpensive transportation/delivery we have access to experience and knowledge like never before. Take advantage of it to be someone like never before.