Interprocity, co-dependence, and spouse sharing

Earlier this week I wrote a post that referenced the benefits of our complex society. Mainly, that specialization and interdependence have resulted in options and experiences available like never before. As a thought exercise, what would happen if we took this further? What if everyone specializing in a specific role was completely interchangeable with someone else in this same role? Wouldn't it offer growth and experience to those being switched in and out like pieces in a machine?

Image if your current role was that of a janitor, but when you arrive at corporate parking, you take on the role of parking attendant for the day while the former attendant takes your place in the office to clean. Similarly, two janitors passing each other on the way to work could switch job locations and work closer to home, both learning from the experience of a new work environment.

This thought initially spawned from trying to find a better car pooling method to save time and gas as well as the thought: "What if instead of driving to and from a destination you are able to stay at the destination and fill the role of someone just arriving at your origin?" In this scenario, a digital update of your new role would be immediately accessible to you. Is your new role that of a married wife, trying to raise a son, working two jobs? What must you accomplish in the week before you leave on a trip and are replaced by another? What can you learn to push the collective data held by this shell forward so the next guest can better support his family?
If technology continues to progress unimpeded, this type of lifestyle will eventually be possible with computer to brain data transfers. Forget gay marriage, interprocity will be the hot topic of the future.