What to watch on Netflix? Four sites that recommend movies

"It may seem strange, but it's actually harder than you think to find great movies on Netflix Instant Watch.  There's a ton of great options, both well known and hidden gems, but you may find you don't just stumble upon them (The best of Netflix)."

My wife and I often spend too many minutes looking for a netflix movie before settling on something we only watch 35 minutes of. Here are some sites that help:

1. The Netflix Video Clerk  -- Broken into fun categories like -- The Weirdest Movies To Watch On Netflix Instead Of "The Expendables 2" and The Most Insane Sci-Fi Movies On Netflix

2. Flicks to stream -- Weekly updates with top movies in multiple genres

3. The best of Netflix -- Top movies on Instant View

4. Netflix Movies That Don't Suck -- Name says it all. Blog about the author's favorites.