Think the Facebook Timeline is interesting? Try your order history

While looking for details on a recent transaction, I discovered that my order history on the site extends to my very first purchases in 2001. Here is the breakdown by year of orders:

2001 - 3
2002 - 6
2003 - 3
2004 - 16
2005 - 9
2006 - 22
2007 - 25
2008 - 34
2009 - 16
2010 - 16
2011 - 38

Besides the upward trend, the counts and purchases may lack meaning to most readers. For me these numbers and items tell a somewhat involved story. Looking at items purchased is almost like looking back on a Facebook timeline. If you have a history with the site, check it out.

In my case, the upward trend isn't entirely do to increased online purchases, but increased Amazon purchases. I found a credit card that offered bonus points for Amazon gift cards in 2005. In 2008 I committed to reading more books than movies watched. In 2009 I met Lindsay and many of the purchases are gifts for her. While the number of orders in 2009 and 2010 were lower, I actually ordered as many items or more. I've gotten in the habit since 2009 of ordering books in bulk, putting them in different read piles and waiting until I almost run dry to order another set. In 2010 I actually ordered everything from motorcycle tires and extension cord to a Halloween costume and earrings. I do most of my Christmas shopping online to avoid the crowds and purchase more personalized gifts. Using gift lists I can see what I've purchased each member of my family for years. But this is starting to sound like an ad for Amazon. I realize there are quite a few legitimate arguments against Amazon:
1) The Trouble with Amazon
2) The Real Bad Guy in the E-Book Price Fixing Case
3) ENC Press (Doesn't say anything about Amazon, but their books are really good and not sold on Amazon for reasons mentioned in #1)

My first purchase using my own account on Amazon? AP2's Suspension of Disbelieve .