Thoughts inspired by Larry Wachowsky's sex change

By Tyler Samien
As posted on WhenFallsTheColiseum

Recently, I saw a post on Facebook from someone who had learned of Osama Bin Laden’s assassination an entire year after it happened. As a well informed American, he was shocked that he had initially missed the story.  I’ve never missed news as big as Bin Laden’s death (as far as I know), but I can relate. I was just as shocked when I learned recently from a New Yorker article on the upcoming Cloud Atlas Movie  that the Wachowski Brothers are now the Wachowski Siblings and Larry is now Lana.

What concerned me on learning about the “siblings” was not the news (who really cares?), it was the thought that I may be out of touch.  Supposedly, the big news on Lana was in 2008, I was way behind. I was forced to justify my ignorance by either (1) convincing myself that I should be proud of my chosen news sources for withholding such frivolity or (2) convincing myself that the daily proliferation of ever-changing information means everyone (you included) will eventually miss something important. I chose the latter.

Hopefully you don’t choose the day Osama Bin Laden is killed to go overnight camping in a wilderness without cell service and spend the week after in a self-loathing pit of media avoidance and drunkenness due to a breakup, but it could happen. As a child, you could miss the bus the morning you were supposed to learn what a BJ is and decades later, be mocked for your ignorance at work.
How does it feel to know that there are probably obvious things you don’t know that everyone else does? That these things may be waiting to surprise you when you least expect it? Depending on your personality, the thought can be scary or fun. It reminds of something that happened to my sister recently.  [Read More]