Opinion: Five social pet peeves

In addition to previously shared words and phrases that should not be allowed to exist, here are a few of my social pet peeves:

1. "Teamwork" as an empty, feel-good catch-all phrase.  Meant to increase performance, it usually comes from weak-minded leaders who don't have too many great ideas of their own. There are good academic publications by Harvard Business School and others that focus on the facts of successful business teams. Get rid of the meaningless buzz phrase!

2. Excessive focus on workplace harassment training. I become bothered and agitated when I hear poor grammar. Does this mean that I should sue an employer that allows someone to speak poor grammar around me? Of course not. Everyone is offended and agitated by different things. Corporations are forces to go over the top to prevent ridiculous law suits because they've been allowed by the courts and we have to sit through classes that teach the obvious.

3. General Ignorance about food. As a vegetarian, I find myself discussing food more than I'd like to, but like other issues like religion and politics, people don't have a clue. They defend shallow stances they've heard on talk radio or been practicing mindlessly since childhood.

4. Conversation limited to TV, restaurants/bars, movies, and drinking alcohol. People rehash the same conversations for a lifetime just inserting different nouns. Let's move on...

5. People who drive slow in the left lane. Where do these people come from?

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