Music: Censorship now = a whole new version?

For those of you who don't listen to the radio often (or only listen to the radio), pop musicians are now releasing two versions of the same song: an adult version and a kid/prude version. Check this out:

Enrique Inglesia: Tonight I'm Loving You
Enrique Inglesia: Tonight I'm F++ You

I don't think those words are interchangeable!

Tyga: Rack City Chick
Tyga: Rack City B++

I assume the "adult" version is the original, but who knows; maybe the record company ordered a special version to sell to oversexed clubbers? I don't like it. If I hear the edited version first and like it, I feel violated when I hear the real version.

Sure, more people can now enjoy a song in their own way, but if the song is catered entirely to the listener based on surveys and demographic targets. Where is the art? How can we get to know the artist? Are the kids listening to really perverted music that's been edited or are we listening to kid's music that's been dirtied up?

These first world problems can be so hard to deal with...