Saw III, Carl Sagan, and self-extermination

I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I watched the first three Saw movies last week. My wife and I had borrowed the movies for Halloween, but never got around to watching. I finished all three with mild amusement. The plot twists and creative torture devices are fun, but I'd rather be watching Cloud Atlas.

One thing I did like, and only came to fully appreciate after seeing the following video from Symphony of Science, was the movie premise: a killer who creates tests in which victims must kill themselves due to their failure to overcome their own faults. This premise was perfected in the third movie when the Jigsaw Killer sets up a game to test his pupil whose inability to overcome her emotion and blood-lust leads to her death. Here is a clip if you need a reminder.

A similar attitude is reflected by Carl Sagan in the Symphony of Science video in the line, "If we do not destroy ourselves we will one day venture to the stars." I believe this in both a literal and metaphorical sense. Humans are extremely powerful. The faster we move past the faults practiced by the weakest and most selfish of us, the more we will achieve. The more we succumb the more likely we are to create a hell similar to that depicted in Saw (think atrocities resulting from religious and political hate).