The Big Move: Philadelphia! (sort of)

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I've done little to no writing over the past two weeks. It's as if I have a disease that prevents me from doing anything remotely enjoyable when there is work to be done. This is the first day I've dedicated time to myself.

So far I've used the time to look around, to plan, and to contextualize. Cities can be overwhelming both mentally and emotionally. People, like me, who over-think decisions can find themselves drained by hundreds of dinner options with dozens of variables. Stressful, high-pressure traffic causes the same. At least I know
what I'm in for and can prepare. We won't have time to hit up every amazing bagel, pizza, or vegetarian restaurant, but we can certainly try a few of the best. I've started making a short list of what I'm looking forward to and some things I'm hoping to do before we leave.

1. Blackbird Pizza : Vegan pizzeria. Need I say more?
2. Holidays and birthdays with friends and family. Almost everyone in my immediate family is in the Philadelphia area and has a winter birthday.
3. Philadelphia Pretzel Ride: Weekly midnight bike ride down the museum stairs to get fresh pretzels
4. Music: Pendulum, Cat Power, Hush Sound, Suicide Silence, As I Lay Dying, Henry Rollins, Hot Brush, Molly Rhythm, and more while we're here.
5. Art, history, museums, boats
6. Pennhurst Asylum
7. Atmosphere: I'll write more about this later, but as we travel and experience, we're definitely keeping in mind that we want to settle on a more permanent residence eventually. I'll be paying attention to the people, the cost of living, the environment, and how secure we feel. I'll share some of my initial impressions in the next post, but leave you with some pictures of this morning's commute to drop Lindsay off.

Taking the dog out. Battleship on the horizon

 Driving back towards the city

 Driving home - Ben Frankling Bridge

Traffic signal by our building

 View from the parking garage