Interesting: 3 Articles for self improvement

Keeping up with your 2013 New Year's resolutions? Here are a few more inspirations for self improvement:

1. Psychology Today: Relationship between openness and intellectual ability

"People who are high on Openness to experience are generally receptive to entertaining new and challenging facets of cultural life, as well as personal thoughts and emotions (McCrae & Costa, 2003), and studies have reported a positive relationship between Openness to experience and performance on tests of intelligence (Ackerman & Heggestad, 1997; Gignac, Stough, & Loukomitis, 2004). Specifically, in a meta-analysis of studies that examined relationships between personality and intelligence, Ackerman and Heggestad (1997) found Openness correlated positively with both general intelligence (r = .33) and crystallized intelligence (r = .30). Gignac, Stough, and Loukomitis (2004) similarly reported a positive correlation between Openness and general intelligence (r = .43)."

2. Lifehacker: Create a Life Plan by Answering Three Questions
  1. How do you want to be remembered—especially by the key people and groups in your life?
  2. What matters most to you? Hyatt uses a metaphor of "life accounts" to list your priorities (e.g., spiritual, family, career).
  3. How can you get from here to where you want to be? Envision your future and compare it to your current reality, then create an action list to get you moving towards you goals.

3. NY Times: The Science and Art of Listening

"Hearing is a vastly underrated sense. We tend to think of the world as a place that we see, interacting with things and people based on how they look. Studies have shown that conscious thought takes place at about the same rate as visual recognition, requiring a significant fraction of a second per event. But hearing is a quantitatively faster sense. While it might take you a full second to notice something out of the corner of your eye, turn your head toward it, recognize it and respond to it, the same reaction to a new or sudden sound happens at least 10 times as fast"