Leland Sapp: The artistic process of grazing

By Leland Sapp

Grazing is one thing that the type 'A' personalities, ESTJ's (if you are familiar with the Meyers-Briggs personality profile), and non-artists, just don't understand and probably never will.

Artists are great if they can survive being an artist. They help us see things from new perspectives, make our world more colorful, and make us cry and laugh more than we would otherwise. We artists have bigger 'holes' in the bottom of our souls though. We drain easily and recover slowly.

If it sounds like I am complaining, I'm not; this is just the way it is. Artists need to sit around and do what seems to be nothing in order to fill them up so that they can produce again. Much like cows seem tostand around grazing a bit here and there. They look as though they are doing nothing, but in reality they are producing milk. (I got this idea from a book titled, 'Orbiting the Giant Hair Ball' great book for artists and people who want to understand them.)

Artists often seem to be doing nothing when in reality they are filling up their mind and souls so that they can produce something for the rest of us to enjoy. I am heading off to 'graze' for two weeks. When I return there will be a marked difference in the man and artist that I am. Graze often my fellow artists, graze often or you will be of no use to anyone.