News: Cursive is dying

I'd completely forgotten about cursive writing until it came up in conversation with my mother and wife over dinner. Whenever I'm not typing, I print. I haven't written cursive in years and I don't see any reason to start again. With most communication being typed and the need for handwriting at a minimum, I see no reason to have two styles of writing. A quick search tells me I'm not alone.

1. Time:  Mourning the Death of Handwriting

"I am a member of Gen Y, the generation that shunned cursive. And now there is a group coming after me, a boom of tech-savvy children who don't remember life before the Internet and who text-message nearly as much as they talk. They have even less need for good penmanship. We are witnessing the death of handwriting."

2. Slate: Is Cursive Dead?

"Before we start pulling our hair out over this, let's all pause for a moment, dip our quills in the inkwell, and consider the history. Every few years someone publishes a story predicting—and lamenting—the demise of cursive writing, and every year that story completely misses the point. The issue isn't whether cursive writing will survive. It's whether we'll be using one kind of cursive writing or a billion kinds."