Despising your job?

Long-term job plans should should make fulfillment the top priority, but in short-term stepping-stone jobs and temporary situations, it's enough to simply not despise a job. That sounds like a low standard, but think of all the people you come in contact with or have worked with that despise their jobs, but don't make any changes. It's more reflected of the individual than the job and it's pathetic. The workplace can be rough due to intolerable bosses and poor conditions among other things, but if it's not worth the pay or return-- leave. If it is worth-it, how bad can a situation that you are voluntary putting yourself in, really be? Certainly not bad enough to hurt your emotional condition over.

Everyone's heard the adage "Do what you love so well someone will pay you to do it". It's a nice idea, but impractical advice for most people who value a decent standard of living. Like most folk wisdom, it's too simple. It's worth working towards, though. This video summarizes the ideal in a beautiful way: