Vegetarianism: What about protein??

I was going to write about protein for today's post, but there is enough information elsewhere online that I'll keep this brief. Protein is another frequent topic of conversation between vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Where do you get your protein? or I'm sure you eat a lot of nuts and beans, non-vegetarians say. But like other common food perceptions (like milk is healthy), the notion that protein is best found in meat isn't true.

Here is an article, Do We Need Meat For Protein?,  that explains it better than I could. Some Q&A from that article: 

What has more protein: Oatmeal, ham or a tomato?

Actually they all have about the same. The difference? The tomato (and oatmeal) come with fiber and other important nutrients. The ham comes with cholesterol and saturated (bad) fat. It’s like dating that guy who is good looking, but a complete screw up in life. Or… that other guy, who has the whole package. Which to choose, which to choose?

Which has more protein 100 calories of broccoli or 100 calories of steak?

Actually it’s broccoli. Both spinach and broccoli have close to 50% of their calories coming from protein. What about steak? It has about ½ the protein as 100 calories of broccoli... [read more here]