Dallas: Downtown lights of Reunion Tower and Omni Hotel

President's Day 2013

We moved to  Dallas without seeing our apartment first. The description of the apartment we chose read "views of the lights on Reunion Tower and Omni Hotel". We decided "view" was a good thing and left it at that. It wasn't until our first night in our new place that we discovered what the description was actually describing.
Valentines Day 2013

Both Reunion Tower and Omni Hotel are covered in LED lights that are controlled by artists from remote locations. Designs are changed on a regular basis to reflect city events and holidays. The Omni Hotel will occasionally display in its lights a convention or other large event that is being held at the hotel, but otherwise the lights are purely decorative-- no ads. I started taking pictures of each new design, but gave up after seeing how often it changed.

February/March 2013 Pictures

 Saint Patrick's Day

 Stars Hockey

The LED lights are only a couple years old. Here is a detailed article on the men behind the lights:  Big & Bright. A Light Discussion With The Creative Minds Behind The City's Most Prominent Skyline Features.