Beer pictures from around the world

 Mediterranean Sea from Greece 
(back when Corono was still independently owned)

At my last job, it was tradition to send co-managers a beer-centered vacation photo to let him/her know what a good time he/she was missing out-on back at work. The key was to send it mid-shift (thoughtful, I know). Here are a some of my favorites from that time and a few similarly themed from other vacation pictures.

Ocho Rios, Jamaica
(Have to have a Red Stripe in Jamaica) 

Dallas, TX
(Forget Lone Star, Shiner Bock is the best Texas beer)

 Dallas, TX
(Balcony view)

 Hartwell Lake, GA
(from the back of the boat)

 Virginia Beach, VA

Boone, NC

Horse Creek, TN 
(mountain top off-roading)

 Izmir, Turkey
(Restaruant atop the Izmir Asansör with a Turkish favorite)