Links: Occupy coverage, beer, and big numbers

1. I prefer micro breweries. They seem to take pride in their product. They are clearly more passionate about making beer than the global conglomerates. They taste better. Often, however, it's hard to know who is making the beer you're drinking. I learned from the documentary "Beer Wars" that Corona was one of the last major breweries that is self-owned. Guess what? It has been bought out. Oh well. We still have Sam Adams. Here is a chart of who owns what. Somewhat outdated, but still gives an idea. Click the soda link if beer isn't your thing.

2. Occupy’s legacy: The media finally covers social protest fairly: There has been a lot of discussion about why the national media treated Occupy so differently from protest movements of the past — really, almost any since the 1960s. Much attention has been paid to social media, or perhaps a felt need for balance to compensate for the inordinate attention paid to relatively small numbers of Tea Partiers in the immediate years before... [Full article here]

3. Someone recently asked me if I knew what a novemdecillion was, I didn't. But now I do. Here is a list of big numbers.