Your life: Paradise or Dump? By Leland Sapp

Your life: Paradise or Dump?
By Leland Sapp

(It's been a month since I posed the following question and wrote the below story; the changes are profound. I feel more peaceful, eat healthier, read more, play more chess, meditate, workout, and am trying to learn a couple of languages. I am confident that this same question, when reflected upon throughout the day, will move the world (and me) toward paradise.

A little over two years ago, I had the not so distinct privilege of working with the laziest man in the world. After observing him for several months, I asked
the simple but meaningful question: “If everyone in the world was like you, what kind of world would this be?” 

"It would be a shit hole!" I replied, having to answer my own question. I went on to recount the ways I observed him make the planet worse.

Each of us makes choices between whether we are going to make ourselves and this world better or worse, every day (towards a paradise or towards a garbage dump). We make decisions regarding our emotions, our spiritually, and our physical condition.

For 2013 I have decided to ask myself the following question: "What's best for us?"

By “us” I mean myself, the world, and my circle of influence. I ask this question before saying, eating, buying, watching or doing ANYTHING! Today alone this question has influenced me to: get up earlier, eat yogurt, sit up straight while driving, listen to my daughter's band's new CD (link) (instead of talk radio) and make a decision NOT to watch "American Horror Story" tonight.

So, “What's best for us?”