Another season, another city. Summer home = Chicago!

Finally fully settled in Chicago!

This move was rough. We were days away from moving and still hadn't found an apartment due to new housing procedures and a Bermuda vacation (like I said, rough). The day before we were to drive to Chicago, Lindsay found this apartment and we reserved it without knowing little more then it met our basic requirements (short term, pets allowed, etc...). Fortunately, it has turned out to be great a choice!

Our building is located in the River North area of downtown, a block from the Red Line. Dozens of restaurants and shops are with-in a block and hundreds more within walking distance. We're adjacent to the National Poetry Foundation building and walking distance from the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art and
Lake Michigan. I've been happy with the options at the last couple cities we've lived in, but Chicago was overwhelming at first (more on order pizza later)!

Living room and guest room. Master bedroom is to the left.

Normand, recovering from the drive.

Welcome flowers!

 Guest room for any family/friends that want to visit (yes you!)

 Bailey's nook. We hung a small photo for her to enjoy. Ha!

 The view from the windows and balcony is one of the best things about the apartment. The building rises from a much larger base that stops at the sixth floor. This creates space between us and the other buildings and makes for a better view of the Hancock building and others.

 Bailey posing on the balcony

View east along State St.

  Night view northeast

Night view northwest

Another great thing about this building is the amenities. We finally have 3+ coffee shops within a couple blocks, but the building offers free Starbucks coffee and drinks all morning to residents with free wi-fi and plenty of neat places to relax and enjoy it. Above is part of the outdoor lounge. Below is the building's small dog park on the 6th floor.

Another best thing-- follow some back halls from the entry to our building, opening doors with a digital key fob, and there is a full-sized Whole Foods grocery store right in our building. Great for our taste-buds and vegetarian sensibilities, but not so great for our wallets!

It's been a busy few weeks with school, work, and moving, but we've already made it to a music festival, the Cloud Gate, a few parks, Wrigleyville, and Boystown. I'm getting behind! I'll try to share some more photos and info about the city soon along with our finally scoring of Dallas.