Eating Animals: Eating lamb on Easter makes sense, how?

I can't get my mind around how twisted it is to eat lamb on Easter. No offense to Facebook friends who posted this year about their delicious lamb dinner; you're the ones who made me think about it.

The lamb exists in Easter tradition because Jesus was the "lamb of god", sacrificed for sin. Pretending for a minute that this makes any sense, doesn't that mean Christians are recreating the act of those who crucified Jesus, the lamb? This lines up with a Christian theology that tells us we're sinners who are saved by the crucifixion, but aren't Christians supposed to be like Jesus and not the Romans who killed him? We don't celebrate Veterans Day by dressing as enemy soldiers and trying to shoot veterans. Wouldn't it make more sense to buy a lamb from under the ax and set him/her free as a symbol of the resurrection being celebrated?

Maybe they're trying to be like their god who chose to torture and kill Jesus, the lamb, or maybe they're being irresponsible (sinful) by supporting a harmful industry and contributing to the pain and suffering of a fellow life so that Jesus has something to forgive them for? I don't believe most Christians think about these things enough to be deliberate. Like other traditions we all maintain, it's something done without contemplation.
[UPDATE] When looking for other explanations, I found the below image from a company that sells lamb paraphernalia online. Apparently, I was thinking about all this for nothing. It's not a Christian idea, it's GOD'S idea. My bad. Continue on....