Interesting: 3 Great ideas for improving the world

1.  Biodegradable cigarette filters with flower seeds (pictured). I don't think these are an actual product, yet; but what a great idea! Millions of butts litter the road all around the country and this type  of filter would do something about it. I recently received a Whole Foods gift card housed in a biodegradable sleeve embedded with flower seeds so I know it is possible to create. "Green Butts" are in the works for 2014 as a start.

2. A Remarkably Simple Idea to End the Cycle of Abandoned Factories (The Atlantic). On a recent trip to visit my grandparents in Michigan we drove past the massive abandoned properties left by the car manufacturers in Lansing. These companies shouldn't exist if they are unable to operate responsibly. As most children are taught: part being responsible is cleaning up after yourself.

3.  Sao Paulo: The City With No Outdoor Advertisements A recent Netflix favorite "Branded", is a strangely fun movie about an advertising genius who sees the error of his ways and fights to have all advertising abolished in Moscow. After seeing the movie, I looked out my downtown Chicago window at all the Verizon billboards littering the city and wondered, "What would it look like if none of this eye pollution was allowed?" Sao Paulo did it!