Update: Reluctant Chauffeur and onward...

Since I started posting to Reluctant Chauffeur over five years ago, I've used the site as a personal filing cabinet for a variety of found-online-content, as a travel journal, and as motivation for developing my own essays. The point was never high-traffic or profit, so I was pleasantly surprised when the site paid for itself through Adsense ads this year ($11 domain registration woo hoo!).

Going forward, I plan to use Reluctant Chauffeur as a news board for sizable projects-- two are being prioritizing. The first is music. My wife and I have wanted to write and play music together for some time (I will be posting updates about that here). The second is lengthier fiction. Though I don't feel my writing (like my guitar playing) is where it needs to be, life is only so long.

I will continue to post travel news here along with the various shorts that I write for my own thought process, but will get away from sharing as many external links and reposts. To receive notification of what I do post, subscribe above and/or friend the page on Facebook. If you get bored, you can also click the categories above and to the right to browse the hundreds of posts from the last couple years.

Thanks for reading!

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