Crazy Christmas Photos 2013!

We really liked the photos we got this year! Feel free to vote for your favorite(s) in the comment section below so the winner can at least brag about having the best photo.

Hope everyone has a great Christmas

1. Ours first since many of you have already seen it in this year's card. Hope no cavemen or cavewomen were offended.

 2. We are having a tree-iffic Christmas, thank-you! 

3. Make-up and all! The text in this photo references a fictitious movie (Angels With Even Dirtier Souls) that plays in Home Alone 2. The fictitious film set (Angels with Dirty Faces in Home Alone 1) was created for Home Alone as a parody of a 1938 gangster film Angels with Dirty Faces.

4. What better gift than the gift of family? This photo belongs in one of those photo caption contests. Reindeer hat is a nice touch!

5. Tim and Jessica follow up last year's victory with "Lumberjack Christmas". We like the matching outfits!

6. No ransom note or demands accompanied this, so I'm assuming it's a photo entry and not a legit elf kidnapping. Haven't seen Leland in a while though...

7. Finally,  don't vote for this one since it's ours again, but Bailey wanted an entry of her own. She calls it,"Oh, how I hate my people right now". Cover the left side of her face (your right) for the full impact.

See last year's photo's here: Crazy Christmas Photo Competition 2012: Final Pictures!!