Denver: Funny signs and notices from around Denver

Maybe it's the marijuana smoke in the air, the younger population, or just the atmosphere of fun and play, but if you have an eye for detail, there are quite a few amusements around Denver. Here are a couple I was able to snap pictures of:

Rock on Denver! Or maybe I love you random street-crosser? This could be a coincidence, but knowing Denver, it's probably not.

Ghost Bus: If you know about the mystique and eeriness surrounding the Denver International Airport, you know how creepy this ad really is. Just replace the A with an E and you have: The easiest way to DIE. We're ready to go when you are. Sign me up!


We were really glad to find Sprouts grocery stores here (similar to a Whole Foods with reasonable prices), but they have a funny notion about what eggs are.

This is a great example of the importance of planning for business growth: JUST BRAKES-- Belts and Hoses, Total Car Care, Oil Change.

This attention getting slogan is clever since the company is competing with camel-back. If you find it offensive, skip the next one...

Picture from In Johnna's Kitchen
This is the shopping basket from Nooch, our local vegan market. Chances are those who are deeply offended, aren't in their target demographic.

Not sure what's so sexy about their pizza (we definitely didn't feel sexy after eating it), but it's one of the fun local business names. Another being Pinche Taco-- an ambivalently named Mexican restaurant.

We went to print something in the common area of our building and found this gem. It isn't unique to Denver, but I can't resist sharing. The packaging says: Get your Scrant on! and Our Motto is Quabity First!

In a bathroom at a new cafe on Colfax -- Fork and Spoon. Enjoy your amaretto french toast, but make sure to take turns in the bathroom or things get real! 

Picture from IPrettyMuchLoveYou
From the menu at Tom's Diner, another restaurant on Colfax.

Not really funny, but something you won't see everywhere. The newspaper ads and street notices take some getting used to for newcomers.

Finally-- another sign you won't see everywhere. This was the warning posted by the train to Pike's Peak. They sold oxygen at the gift shop.

More posts coming soon!