Goodbye Dever, Hello Charleston, SC!

Bailey enjoying the beach

Of all the places we lived recently (Philadelphia, Dallas, Chicago, Fresno, and Denver), it's Denver we liked best, Denver we lived in the longest, and Denver I wrote the least about! I still plan to write some catch-up posts but for right now, on to something new...

We're on the north side of the island under all those trees!
For a change of pace, scenery, and temperature we chose Charleston as our next city. Now that we've settled on Denver as our eventual home, we decided we can enjoy the beaches and warmth of a city we'll probably never live in permanently. No offense Charleston, you've got a unique character, but you're known as the "most mannerly city" and the "holy city" for good reasons (more on this later). Your main attractions are old buildings and forts. Accordingly, we chose a place away from the city on Isle of Palms a couple blocks from the beach where we can
relax, save some money, and work on music and other projects.

This is the first time during this phase of our lives that we had a whole house to ourselves-- a backyard! No shared walls! Our car is right by the door. No parking garage to maneuver through! We can let the dog out without taking the elevator 21 floors down! We looked for something smaller, but this house was available and is actually one of the smallest in its neighborhood.

The house is on a barrier island-- seven miles long (north to south) and a mile across. A two mile bridge (top middle of island picture above) spanning marshes and the inter-coastal waterway leads to nearby Mt Pleasant where the Arthur Ravenel Junior Bridge leads to the city of Charleston, itself.

Isle of Palms after Hugo (1989)
Hurricanes are a concern, but we probably won't be around for hurricane season. After hearing about the summer crowds and congestion, we're planning to be out of here by tourist season. Right now, the one grocery store on the island is manageable; the one main street is busy but unclogged. We can get to nearby Sullivan's Island and downtown without much traffic.

We've made it downtown a few times already where we walked the seawall (The Battery) and explored old cobblestone streets and alleys. Due to its age, architecture, and layout, the city has a very old feel to it. I'd describe it as European, but only because of its age and the age of its preserved features. Many streets are narrow and crowded in a comfy way that creates breeze and shade. There is a lot of old stone. Almost every building is labeled and has a story known by carriage tour guides (day) and ghost tour guides (night). We're planning to head back for one of these night-time tours, a short list of vegan dining options, and the handful of breweries clustered in the northern part of the city. If anyone has been here and has any suggestions, please let us know. 

For anyone that's considering a visit or is following us on-line as we travel, here is our current "to do" list followed by pictures of the house we're renting.

Fully-furnished shell collection!
To Do:
Kiawah Island Biking/Hiking
Folly Beach
Bike the Arthur Ravenel Junior Bridge
Magnolia Plantation and Garden (Audubon swamp)
Cypress Gardens (Rowboats)
Games at the Beach
Old Slave Mart
Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art
Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist
Postal Museum
Ghost Tour
Historic Charleston City Market
Book of Mormon (Musical)
Jazz Fest 1/22-1/25

Sand dollar window

Fireplace for cold nights

Sunny patio for morning reading

Guest room one -- Come on out and use it!

Guest room two if you're feeling youthful

A real backyard! Yes, we brought our bikes!

Some of the local wildlife.