Much of the world is tamer...

than it used to be; tamer than it is naturally. Buildings are zoned and coded with automatic doors, enough fire exits for every occupant, and sturdy railings over sturdy stairs with run-to-rise ratios set to accommodate even the most clumsy and out-of-shape. People climb stairs like these into buildings like these to watch big screens on which actors pretend to dare and risk. The audience members become the hero being put to the test, overcoming the obstacle or villain. They rise, fall, then rise again on plot waves designed to thrill, then shuffle out clearly market exits to drive dual air-bag, anti-lock brake, power steered, vehicles home along roads that clearly warn and re-warn of every upcoming curve, bump, and dip. If they're lucky they have at least decent sex before going to sleep. The film and sex are the highlight of their week.

(From an essay I'm working on and won't have time to finish tonight: "Unprotected sex, motorcycles, and the wilderness: why cellular service should be geographically limited and people left to the consequences of their own stupidity".)