Fact: the brain processes

...written language differently than spoken. Information absorbed through television or audio alone is comprehended and remembered differently than information from print media.

Observation: Print media remains the visible backbone of our country’s collective zeitgeist. Daily television/radio news shortens and summarizes the reports and written studies of scholars. Movies simplify books and graphic novels. Worthwhile media of any type begins as print, be it a script, story board, or written proposal.

Conclusion: Multi-media forms remain heavily dependent on print while simultaneously contributing to its obsolescence. Unless current trends change, the decrease in budget and sale of written material will eventually cause declining quality in dependent (all) non-print mediums and a shallower depth of human intellect as an average.

Conclusion: Support Reading Rainbow. Support Imagination Library. Support your local libraries. Pay your children by the page to read things you deem worthy. Read a book every once and a while. Buy a book every once and a while. Read.