Movie and book summary 2009

Last year around this time I made a goal to read at least one book or more for every movie watched. The goal was to be more discerning with movies. I definitely watched less movies than the previous year but as you can see from the list I watched a lot of garbage. Resident Evil? Taken? Not so good. Keeping Mum and Everything is Illuminated, however were excellent.

I read a lot of Cormac Mccarthy and glad of it. Not so proud of the Last Lecture. I apologize if whoever gave it to me is reading this! Pygmy? Very disappointing, I'll be approaching future Chuck Palahniuk books with care. Here is the list, books I wrote about or posted excerpts from are linked to the post.


1. Kundera, Milan
The Unbearable Lightness of Being
2. Robbins, Tom
Skinny Legs and All
3. Strauss, Erwin
How to Start Your Own Country
4. Pausch, Randy
Last Lecture
5. Mcewan, Ian
6. Tzu, Sun
The Art of War
7. Thompson, Jim
Pop 1280
8. Bukowski, Charles
9. Miller, Frank
Batman: Year One
10. Knight, Michael
Dogfight: And Other Stories
11. Brooks, Max
World War Z
12. Rand, Ayn
The Fountainhead
13. Rushdie, Salman
Midnight's Children
14. Gaiman, Neil
Anansi Boys
15. Guevara, Ernesto Che
Guerrilla Warfare
16. Amis, Martin
The Rachel Papers
17. Coomaraswamy, Ananda K.
Myths Of The Hindus and Buddhists
18. Crome, Keith (Ed.)
Lyotard Reader and Guide
19. Zamyatin, Yevgheniy
20. Galvin, Olga Gardner
Alphabet Challenge
21. Stein, Scott
Mean Martin Manning
22. Largen, Christopher
23. Pressfield, Steven
War of Art
24. Palahniuk, Chuck
25. Delillo, Don
26. Mcewan, Ian
In Between the Sheets
27. McCarthy, Cormac
All the Pretty Horses
28. McCarthy, Cormac
The Crossing
29. Obama, Barack
The Audacity of Hope
30. Mcewan, Ian
On Chesil Beach (Reread)
31. Dostoevsky,Fyodor
Notes from the Underground
32. Carver, Raymond
33. McCarthy, Cormac
No Country for Old Men
34. Ford, Madox Ford
The Good Soldier
35. DC Comics
The Return of Superman
36. James, Henry
Daisy Miller
37. Machiavelli, Niccolo
The Prince
38. Album, Mitch
Tuesday's With Morrie
39. Brensilver, David
40. Calvino, Italo
The Castle of Crossed Destinies


1. Battle Royal (rewatch)
2. Pinapple Express
3. Shoot Em Up
4. Watchmen
5. Resident Evil: Apocolypse
6. Snatch (rewatch)
7. Incredible Hulk (Norton)
8. Walk Hard
9. 30 Days of Night
10. Hancock
11. Star Trek
12. Borat (rewatch)
13. Choke
14. Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus
15. Bruno
16. Taken
17. Luck Number Sleven
18. Keeping Mum
19. The Fountain
20. District 9
21. Inglorious Basterds
22. Observe and Report
23. Crank 2
24. Robinhood Men in Tights
25. Slumdog Millionaire
26. Everything is Illuminated
27. 40 Year Old Virgin
28. Men Who Stare at Goats
29. Law Abiding Citizen
30. Terminator Salvation
31. He's Just Not That Into You
32. Whatever Works
33. The Road
34. Avatar
35. Dodgeball