Augusten Burroughs: Conquer trauma by letting it go

I haven't read the book, but just reading the full review on Salon reveals misconceptions we have about healing from traumas and disappointments of the past. Live in the present! Here is an excerpt followed by a link to the full review:

When something from my past upsets me here in my present, it’s because I let my mind think back to the past and grab hold of something.

This is how the past haunts us. We think about it.

Therapy could be of tremendous benefit to “getting over” one’s past if the therapy is focused on specific ways to stop submitting to the temptation to obsess.

Many people with difficult histories carry these histories with them, burnishing the past with each retelling. Sometimes, a particular trauma may be the largest thing we have ever experienced. So we kind of move into it, make it our home. Because there’s nothing in our lives on the scale of that loss or that trauma.

So, you need a larger life. Something that can successfully compete with your past.

To live with your mind in the past — in the name of healing or understanding or overcoming — is to live in a fantasy world where nothing new or original is created. To “understand” one’s past is to handle clay that no longer exists and shape it into a bowl nobody can ever see or touch [Full Review Here].

This approach is easier said than done, however. Reminds me of Walter White in Breaking Bad trying to cheer a high-school up after a tragic plane crash: