Music: Dubstep, I'm smitten

In the past, I've kept my taste in music off the blog, but no longer! True, the heavy/fast/dissonant variety I favor sends most people (including my wife) running from the room, but I'm passionate about my music.

I despise old, stale, rehash music and respect intelligent artistry. I prefer creativity over talent but always appreciate a good hook or melody. I try to stay current with my favorite musicians and up-to-date on progress and evolution within my favorite scenes. So, why not share?

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I'm working through a dubstep addiction right now. I love the stuff. It's the new “in your face” genre I've been predicting and waiting for since hardcore and industrial trickled off. Check these out if you're unfamiliar:

 Kramer discovers dubstep


Skrillex - Bangarang

Celldweller -- Asking Alexandria Remix

 Minnesota -- California Dreaming Remix

Action/Horror Dubstep cut-up (not for the squeamish)