Conversations on Race

I check up on Dan at Camels with Hammers at least once a week to catch his latest posts. Here is an interesting conversation on race he had with an Ian Cromwell.

Conversation on Race

Two main takeaways for me were:

1. Affirmative action-- Someone who succeeds in an environment where education is looked down on or harder to acquire must have exceptional drive and work habits. Even if this candidate isn't immediately more knowledgeable, they may be the overall better choice and will most likely surpass the competition later on. (at 6:00, 1st video)

2. Colorblindness doesn't work-- Working towards not seeing race (as Colbert often jokes) is unrealistic and possibly harmful because of the society we live in. We can't help but notice details and these details trigger subconscious judgments based on our background. It's harmful to pretend these don't exist. Ignoring race can also lead to ignoring racism. Teaching a child to embrace the diversities created by race is better than not teaching a child about race at all. (at 4 minutes 2nd video)