My unposted singles ad

It was about three years ago this month that I first met my wife, Lindsay. Now that we're married, we have a whole new anniversary to celebrate in October and don't plan to do anything particularly special for July, but it's still fun to look back.

At the time I was starting to look into singles dating sites and trying to decide what type of person I could be happy with long-term. I found the below description on an old hard drive recently. I wrote it as a guide of sorts for myself. Not long after writing it I met Lindsay who is the below and more and things went from there-- If you're single and looking I think it helps to clearly define who you want based on who you are. Don't worry so much about the details.

Tyler wants depth.  Someone who stands in the fields with every sense acute absorbing the life of every breathing and non-breathing aspect around, someone who stands arms spread fearless in the face of the storms.  Someone with an honest mind, an open body, and an unpredictable intellect.  Someone who can see bigger things.  Someone who sees all existence and reality as a vehicle by which to live and expand.  Someone who values experience for its beauty and contribution to further development.  Someone with the emotional maturity to be bigger than the feelings at hand.  Someone who is hard-working... receptive, listens and observes more than they project and talk.  Intellectual.  Has dreams and goals.