Music: Dubstep is not a temporary fad

The more I listen to dubstep, the more I appreciate its progress and value as a genre. I see it as the best musical representation of present and future times. It is the music of now. While other styles of music maintain their value by conjuring up nostalgic memory or being fun to play; by being nuanced, historical, exclusive; or by being a showcase for the musician's skill, dubtep is all this and more. Dubstep is the music of progress, of technology and machine, of bricolaged disciplines, historical tempos and signatures. It began as electronic music that contained a wobble and a drop but since then it's developed into more.

As a computer-based genre, it develops at the speed of technology (hardware and software) and alongside the internet (rapid propagation of information and song). Its development is a phenomena unlike that of any other genre simply because of its place in time and method of creation. Jazz, with its birthplace in the melting pot that is America was born in the optimistic energy of the city.  It combined influences from around the country and elsewhere. Dubstep is influenced by music from all over the world via the technological filter we have adopted for our life and progress. Dubstep can be emo, violent, spiritual, passive, danceable, and/or more and the genre still has plenty of growing room. Check out for a variety of styles.

Here are four of my current favorites:



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