Vegetarianism: Peer pressure 18th century style

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Here is a short introductory post to an upcoming blog series on veganism by M. Elias Keller that I'm looking forward to reading: Vegan Reason (Part I) in which he references an older article I wrote on why I stopped eating animals.

"Let’s start with a little vegan trivia. Below is a passage from an autobiography of a very famous person—no doubt you’ve heard of him. The incident in the passage occurred in the late 19th-century, in England, although the person is not British. See if you can guess who wrote it (without Googling)—and in my next entry I’ll reveal the answer and begin my discussion in earnest. "
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M. Elias Keller's blog can be found here (I've had to forgive him for removing the link to my article in his blog version of the post).