Philadelphia: Home Sweet Home (for now)

A few pictures of our new place with comments for everyone that has been asking! I tend to remain somewhat impersonal on this blog, prefering to share links and writing I think will appeal to an anonymous audience and not just friends, but as part of the series of posts I'm wiring on our travels (The Big Move) I'll post a few pictures of the buildings we settle in at each stop.

 V. from living room

I like to describe the view as "expansively Philadelphia". You can see a lot from our window but the view is mainly warehouses, boats, harbor cranes, abandoned piers, highways, and a heliport. Philadelphia has a beautiful skyline and some nice bridges, but I've come to appreciate the view since the majority of what Philadelphia actually looks like is what you see through our window.

Cruise ship or our apartment building?

As you can see from the picture, our building is surrounded on three sides by water. This increases security as well as isolation. We don't have
cafe's and markets right outside our door, but they're only a couple blocks away.

V. from entrance

All we moved in was what we could fit in our cars. The apartment came fully furnished from toothbrushes to cookware. The room on the left is the guest room.

V. from guest room

In many ways the building does remind me of a cruise ship. This view reminds me of being at port on a cruise ship.