Dallas: Home Sweet Home (for a while anyway)

A few pictures from our new place in Dallas. The building itself isn't as nice as the last. It was built in 1965, and despite renovations and updates, still has negative characteristics of that time (small bathrooms, kitchens, closets, and lower ceilings). The downtown location, however, is exactly what we were looking for.

Dozens of restaurants are within walking distance as well as dog parks, museums, and small stores. The Arts District and Dallas Farmer's Market are a short drive (or long walk). One of the city's main DART (train) stops is a
couple blocks away for access to larger parks, Lindsay's work, and other neighborhoods. So, we aren't complaining about how old the building is. This building offered short-term leases and we wanted to be downtown.

 Guest room
(hint to family members who
don't mind a small bed)

One interesting thing we like about the apartment besides the rooftop pool, is the "swap shop". It's just what it sounds like--a room full of useful things that people drop off instead of throwing away. The woman who put it together said she wanted to reduce waste and help people out. Some buildings might think this is beneath them or not want to allocate the space, but we think it's great. Since we travel light, we were able to pick up a few things we weren't able to fit and will drop them off when we move out.


The balcony is my favorite part of the apartment. It faces away from the downtown which means the view is unobstructed by larger buildings. We have a clear view of the Omni Hotel and Reunion Tower which change light displays frequently based on holidays and local events (I'll post on this later).

View from the balcony
Omni (left) and Reunion (right) lit for Valentines Day.

 Bank of America Plaza lights

 Bailey likes the balcony too!