Philadelphia: Final post and city evaluation

If you aren't familiar with our evaluation scale or why we've creating our own when so many are available, read this first! While in each city, I've been writing about what we like, don't like, and what we've found to experience. All posts on Philadelphia can be viewed by clicking the Philadelphia tag at the top of the page. 

A few favorites:

The Scoring
(1-10 with 5 as average)
Culture: 8
Environment:  6 (but projects underway) 
Vegetarian Restaurants: 7 
Cost of Living:   4 
Transportation/Infrastructure: 4
Climate: 4
People: 8
Pass/Fail: Pass

Notes: Having lived in Philadelphia in 2001, I was impressed with the city's improvements both environmentally and culturally. People and drivers were more pleasant (relatively speaking for cities) than I remembered. Many projects were underway to increase the city's green spaces. There were a lot of great events like the city-wide John Cage Festival and the Steve Colbert Rosenbach Library exhibit. Taking into consideration that "5" is meeting average expectations, we liked Philadelphia a lot!.