Interesting: Ted Talks, NSA

Great TEDTalk for anyone who sometimes views technology and our current relationship with it pessimistically (Think NSA, job-loss to machines). Brynjolfsson doesn't ignore the reality. He points out that many people are racing the machines and losing and despite productivity being at an all time high, income is stagnant. However, what we are experiencing now, according to Brynjolfsson, is growing pains. He compares our current situation to the second industrial revolution where factories took many years to restructure after electrifying. Everything is currently being reinvented as production separates from income in what he refers to as the "great decoupling".

I'm not as optimistic as Brynjolfsson appears, but it's healthy and inspiring to look at things positively. He also makes the point that technology itself is not the future, people are. We define our destiny. Through the use of technology for good, everything can be, and is being, restructured. It may be painful, but change often is.