Fireball Island and other nostalgic toys...

Image: Magisterrex Retro Games
Intelligent economy without foresight is a crapshoot, I think clicking "commit to buy" on Ebay. I traded Fireball Island away as a child for a large collection of baseball cards and was now buying it back for 5x the price!

At the time, the deal was was viewed so lopsidedly that the boy's parent's pulled rank and canceled part of it. Baseball cards were supposed to be saved for college money!  I was viewed as the predatory investor and the other boy, as being taken advantage of. Fireball Island stayed in the deal. As we know now, the baseball card market peaked in 91' and I'd sell the cards I'd gotten in the trade for next to nothing.

I've always marveled at the price tag of nostalgic goods. Aren't there better ways to spend money than re-creating childhood experiences? Probably. If something is enjoyable, though, why not spend some of your entertainment budget on it?

This interesting article about finding the right time to buy Fireball Island is reflective of buying any old toys. According to Harry, "Adults begin buying back their childhood games and toys around age 35.  Prices accelerate until they reach a peak around age 45." So, yes, I'm buying the game near its price peak, but considering the margins and diminishing copies, I'd rather just have the thing in hand. 

It's been a great buy so far. My wife and I have already played a dozen times. Here are some fun links  and a video for anyone who remembers this great game. Now I just need to secure a copy of Broadsides and Boarding Parties...

1. Fireball Island on Board Game Geek

2. Fan created expansion game: Inferno

3. Proposed board expansions (one can dream)