Denver: Home Sweet Home #12

Another apartment to add to the list. Common warehouse type in Denver and other refurbished downtowns, but unlike any we've lived in, yet.

The apartment is in Denver's Lower Downtown (LoDo) neighborhood. A section known as the Hardware Block. Right between the 16th Street Mall and Cherry Creek Trail. A couple blocks from Union Station and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Above or next to clothing shops, bars, restaurants, medical offices, a bike shop, bookstore, and a DIY bar for making projects while enjoying a beer or cocktail. Walk Score of 85 (for comparison, NY City = 89, SF = 86)

 View east towards downtown and the construction of what will be Denver's fourth highest building.

 Pro: Nice open space Con: Nice open space. The wall between the kitchen and bedroom stops before
reaching the ceiling and there isn't a doorway, so we have to keep it down if one of us stays up late.


Furnished with some items of interest like this clock...

and this giant cat totem.

The apartment has one of these nifty sliding doors...

and a bunch of board games.
Hopefully this evil eye talisman will ward off the dark!

This should be one of the last places we rent before settling down and furnishing a place of our own. See other homes we've lived in while traveling.