Denver: "Then and now" photo comparison between now and wayback in 2014

When we drove into Denver earlier this month, we were stunned by the changes. I was briefly disoriented by the new and ongoing construction; the lack of recognizable landmarks. It had only been 19 months!

Roads through empty lots now run through towering apartments and offices. New grocery stores. New restaurants. With around 40,000 more people in the area, places seem more crowded than I remembered. More traffic. More honking.

In 2014, many parks, train stations, and buildings were only recently completed. I can't imagine how people who grew up here, feel.

I haven't found any good pictures or time-lapses of Denver's skyline, though there seem to be plenty
of similar large-growth cities like Seattle and Austin. Denver Infill, has some great 3-D maps showing ongoing and planned building projects.

Lower Downtown 2014
Lower Downtown -- 2014
Lower Downtown -- Same Spot 2016
Lower Downtown Same Spot --  2016
FasTracks light-rail has progressed nicely during our absence. A lot of cities are adding or rehauling a line or two (NY, Chicago, Seattle). Denver is the only U.S. city I know about that is building an entire addition. There is now a train to the airport from downtown. A sizeable percent of people living downtown don't own a car so builders are reducing parking garage space in favor of living space. FasTracks should be finished in 2018. 

DTA Light Rail 2014
DTA Rail Map 2014

 DTA Rail 2016
DTA Rail Map 2016

Here are more photo comparisons from a little further back. Each photo, taken in nearly the exact same location, has something similar from the previous photo, but it's sometimes hard to spot. The photos from the late 80's and early 90's are for sale on Denver Photo Archive. I am posting links due to  copyrighted. I took the new photos last week (July 2016).  

 Looking NW from south of 1400 Delgany Street - 1989

Besides the bridge and creek, there is very little in common between the 1989 and 2016 photos. There are now pedestrian walkways on the north side of the creek and a bike-way on the south.

Looking northeast above Cherry Creek River - 1986

Notice the small amount of lettering in the top right from the "Daniels and Fisher" that was also in the picture from 1986.

15th St & Wazee, looking NE - 1985

I took this picture by sticking my hand out our window since the viaduct the original was taken from has been demolished. Most of these buildings are the same from the 1985 photo, however the street terminates at Coors Stadium instead of the large Fireman's Grain Building.

Alley between Wazee St & Wynkoop St - 1987

The view from this alley seems to have changed very little in 29 years, but a closer look reveals a balcony from one of the many new condos built into these historic buildings jutting out from the top of the frame. Also, the alley has been paved, and a parking lot sits at the end in place of a dirt road.