Philadelphia: Edgar Allan Poe's, Grounds for Sculpture, and more!

More sites of interest from our time in Philadelphia:

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Edgar Allen Poe's House: I didn't expect much beforehand; it's a house, but it was actually worth going. We knocked once (as directed on the door) to alert the sinister looking guard/guide. We were the only guests and he answered any questions we had. Make you sure you use a cell phone to look in the recesses of the basement!

Yard's Brewery: Since they only do brewery tours on weekends and we went during the week, my dad and I had to create a taste test for ourselves by buying the tour samplers (flights). Good beer, free parking, and surprisingly inexpensive (flighters were only $5).

Grounds for Sculpture: Not technically in Philadelphia or even Pennsylvania, but worth the drive from Philadelphia and further. The grounds are
huge, containing hundreds of modern sculpture ranging in size from miniature creatures in the grass to enormous replicas. I put a spring/summer return visit on my bucket list.

Triumph Brewbar in Princeton: Amazing food with a great atmosphere. The picture below doesn't show the two floor glass walls that contain the shiny brew vats, but you get the idea. I had to apply weight to squash the mushroom burger flat enough to take a bite. Beer was terrible, but maybe that's why the Philadelphia location is closing?

Halo Farm in Trenton: 45 flavors of fresh ice-cream! We got pretty congested and food-sick since we eat little to no dairy anymore but it was delicious non-the-less. Long live vanilla-heath bar!

Vedge: Vegan happy hour in Center City! Great for upscale vegetarian. Includes a menu updated daily to reflect fresh produce available. Menu Here.

Headhouse District: If you're visiting South St, venture a little south on 5th for some fun sites like the Odditorium and stuffed animal tree below.

Previous posts here: Week One / Week Two / Week Three / Week Four / Week Five