Fresno: Travel home number four

I don't want to disappoint family or anyone else by not sharing pictures of our apartment in Fresno since I did everywhere else so, here we go!

This apartment is hardly as interesting as the apartments in Philadelphia, Chicago, or Dallas, but it has its own personality.

My favorite thing about this complex is the landscaping. Despite the ugliness that is the average apartment complex; here, each set of four apartments has its own walkway that winds to the entry with trees, bushes, and flowers galore. The plants create shade, seclusion, and homes for animals. The forest-feel isn't something we had in any of the other downtown apartments.

Despite its low walk-score, there is a small park and walking trail a few steps from our doorway. There is also a coffee shop, brewery, grocery store, and some restaurants a little further. There is a large park and other restaurants within a couple miles, so no complaints here! 

Without a garage or bike locker, we use the balcony for bike storage.

Not a corner unit, but windows in the front open to the east and windows in the back, to the west, so there is sunlight throughout the day.

We'd have to paint if we were here any longer.

In case the bed didn't give it away, this is one of the two bedrooms. It was great having guests visit from the East Coast and convenient to have a spare room for them. Now that we're starting to look at housing in cities like San Diego where a one bedrooms can cost over $300,000, we're continuously reminded how spoiled we are. Visit while you can!!

The parking lot view from the bedroom isn't quite as exciting as the high-rises in Dallas or Chicago, but it's a lot quieter! To give an idea of the development, the whole place is fenced with an automatic gate, a pool, jacuzzi, and fitness area. We're a little too young for retirement and gated communities like this, but it's how a large part of Fresno is set up.